What Does Public Policy Really Mean to Me?

Public policy consists of important decisions made by the government based on ideas that developed inside of the country in order to determine the nation’s action guided by the national pillar. On the other hand we can say the public policy is an instrument to achieve a mission of a particular state based on the constitution. This instrument is important to manage its national resources, public sectors and to manage a state as general. That is why public policy is about management by institutionalizing political decisions to achieve a state’s goals.

Why do we need public policy? because in order to solve policy problems in the governance we need to learn a public policy that result well-managed policymaker to make decisions for today’s condition based on past problems and future concerns. Public Policy is also important to avoid bureaucrats on the streets become policymakers who are less qualified public policy which means tactical, short term, and harmful. So through the understanding of public policy, we can create the quality of public policy that will be better based on good policymakers who are strategic, long term, manageable, impactful as well as able to lead policy implementers.

Public policy needs a good leader who is able to adapt to the policy environment which consists of policy ideas, policy making, policy managing, and policy performance since public policy is a public service. Meaning that beside to govern people public policy has a function to serve people. That is why in the process of making vital decisions, policymakers need to concern about society despite state. The pillars are clear which are a relevant leader; well managed public policy; mutual trust among people and government in the social capital; supportive and productive interplay relationship among organizations in the governance level.

It is so important to do structured management in public policy based on policy planning, policy leading, and policy controlling. To make it specific, it starts from planning, formulating, implementing, organizing, leading, controlling and performing which based on the policy environment. In the end, we can apply the value chain process by finding the potential of the state’s resources than managing the public policy to handle it as well as employing the state’s power and assets until the goal can be achieved. By the end of the process, the state can be more competitive and has an ability to develop through well managed public policy. But the most important thing is the state’s vision by carrying state capacity as well as maximizing possible decisions to produce good public policy.

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