Critical Thinking Analysis about “Jakarta’s Governor Election” from Leadership Point of View

Jakarta’s governor election faced a major test for the harmony of democracy after a long campaign ran by the candidates. During the election fever, we can see the rally was happening against the candidate – Ahok because Islamic groups’ anger toward Ahok stems from comments he made last autumn, where he strongly critiqued the way […]

Environmental Sustainability  is Beyond Than Just A Theory

In my opinion, sustainability is maintaining the ability to keep something on track by balancing the life circle. In the other hand, the ability to maintain the renewable resources. Even though most of the academicians believe in sustainability theories built by land theories and public policy theories as well as framed by infrastructure theories, but […]

Addressing Trash Nightmare in Marapi Volcanic Mountain of West Sumatra Province: A Call to Action

The sample of policy brief To:  The Governor of West Sumatra Province From:  Winda Edelwis Zedilla  Date:  April 2017 Statement of Issue: Trash is annoying, It builds up mountainous landfills, fills the ocean with junk, litters space and pollutes the atmosphere. The mount Marapi is an active volcano and becomes one of the famous tourist […]

The Optimal Coordination Between Monetary and Fiscal Policy in Indonesia: Central Bank of Indonesia and Ministry of Finance Role

Based on the legal perspective, there have been varying levels of monetary and fiscal policy coordination in Indonesia which depending on the applicable legal framework. Under act Number 13 of 1968, Bank Indonesia was a member of monetary board chaired by the Finance Minister and including a government representative. This policy is directly coordinated to […]

Critical Review: “Security Community and Southeast Asia: Australia, the U.S., and ASEAN’s Counter-Terror Strategy”

Author(s): Andrew Chau – University of California Press This article specifically talks about ASEAN Security community building initiative which examines the security in the context of regional, sub regional as well as national policy strategies to deal with regional threat of transnational terrorism through networks of cooperation. The introduction of this cooperation has begun by […]

“Removing English as Compulsory Subject from Primary Schools on the 2013 Curriculum in Indonesia”

“English exists to help the globalization as a dominant language in the educational system” In fact, 70 countries in the world have given a status to English as an important international language which means 80% of today’s communication is in English. In 2009, the charter of ASEAN made English as a working language of the […]