INVICTUS Camp Malaysia


School sucks for some people. Especially for me. I kinda always want a bit of everything. I want to do this and that and my head is always screaming to have a short break at the same time. Since I had no class anymore at school, I managed to set my escape plan to move my ass somewhere. As I’m a typical traveler who always seek value in every single trip I take, so I looked for the youth program and I found one cool camp in Malaysia opened for a volunteer to be a facilitator for English camp in Malacca. Without any further consideration, I applied myself to participate and they accepted me. I was the only Indonesian over 40+ volunteers which all of them were Malaysians. Once I got the chance to escape I suddenly bought my flight to Kuala Lumpur. 

So what exactly I did in Malaysia?

I joined the dynamic team to facilitate a English camp for over 50 teenagers to master their English speaking skills. It was super fun to be the only Indonesian among them. I got the opportunity to design my own module and worked together to make our program succeed. What an experience.

After the program finished, I roamed around to take some short break from school. I explored Melacca alone til I reached Johor Bahru.

Apparently, I made trouble with my school cuz I skipped some consultation sessions for my thesis. I almost lost my scholarship but I managed to get my shit done so yeah I went back home with a big smile.

Rebellion ………

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