Environmental Sustainability  is Beyond Than Just A Theory

In my opinion, sustainability is maintaining the ability to keep something on track by balancing the life circle. In the other hand, the ability to maintain the renewable resources. Even though most of the academicians believe in sustainability theories built by land theories and public policy theories as well as framed by infrastructure theories, but […]

Addressing Trash Nightmare in Marapi Volcanic Mountain of West Sumatra Province: A Call to Action

The sample of policy brief To:  The Governor of West Sumatra Province From:  Winda Edelwis Zedilla  Date:  April 2017 Statement of Issue: Trash is annoying, It builds up mountainous landfills, fills the ocean with junk, litters space and pollutes the atmosphere. The mount Marapi is an active volcano and becomes one of the famous tourist […]

ASEAN Community and Youth

ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asia Nations) was established on 8 August 1967 in Bangkok, Thailand by signing the ASEAN Declaration (Bangkok Declaration) which initiated by founding fathers of ASEAN, namely Indonesia (Adam Malik), Malaysia (Abdul Razak), Philippines (Narciso Ramos), Singapore (S. Rajaratnam) and Thailand (Thanat Khoman). Brunei Darussalam then joined on 7 January 1984, Vietnam […]