I’ve been spending almost all of my life roaming around, traveling across the globe, moving from one place to another place to seek to find life excitement that never matched any textbook. As a full-time traveler, I realize that there are so many things I should share with people especially my real authentic knowledge about places I’ve been into which is totally different than you can find in any travel book. I am not selling a book to you to read. I am here to offer you a real deal to design your trip to Indonesia.

FYI, Indonesia has more than 17,000 islands in total included 5 big islands as our masterpiece. Since I was younger, I moved island to island exploring my country piece by piece to get to know my country better through people. That’s why my nomadic way of living somehow gave me such a privilege to experience life better than others.

So yeah, here is it. I am here can be your trip consultant designing your itinerary before you come to Indonesia. I am super flexible in terms of request that is why I am charging based on how many days you wish me to design your next trip to Indonesia.

The Prices are as listed below:

  1. Bronze Package 30 U$D [Itinerary 3-5 Days]
  2. Silver Package 50 U$D [Itinerary 3-5 Days + Recommended Vendors]
  3. Premium Package 80 U$D [Itinerary 3-7 Days + Vendor Contacts]

p.s: extra day (+5 U$D)

The benefits you will get:

  1. Very comprehensive itinerary during your visit.
  2. Flexible options for your itinerary.
  3. Communicative Consultation.
  4. Reliable and fast response services.
  5. You get the best travel advisor because I am made in Indonesia.

If you wish to use my service, drop me an email: [email protected] and get ready for some mindblowing adventures!