Hello, fellow webloggers! Winda’s here! Well, I’m beyond incredibly excited and proud to write a little bit about myself here. Nothing much about me. I’m just well-known as an easy-going individual who is always on the go. I smile a lot, I laugh a lot and I talk a lot as well (not sure whether talkative is a disease or not). Just plenty of people say I’m too honest to express things genuinely in a diplomatic package (well yeah honesty is always the best policy). Well, the slightly harsh tongue is never rooted in malice. Plus whatever happens on earth this genuine innocence is always smiling. I can also easily make others laugh with my sense of elite humor and wittiness since I know exactly what to say to get people in a better mood and make them feel at ease. I’m pretty much inspired by hanging out with some sarcastic folks and sometimes I can’t control myself to demonstrate my sarcastic jokes, black sense of humor and speak sarcasm fluently which most of the time goes wrong in a funny silly way. Well, my achievement so far is playing my perverted dirty jokes perfectly. Overall, I’m not dangerous. I don’t even bite either. Just I consider myself is one of a kind 🙂

I love moving, making friends and knowing myself better through people I meet. I extremely love mountains (which is the volcano in particular) and I really fall for the sea so bad. Not only that. I’m truly a big fan of JUNGLE. I love to hear waves melody, waterfalls sound, wind instrument, sands voice and birds whistle. I love to smell forest and crater. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS I LOVE TO BE WILD IN NATURE. I’m so passionate to feel nature vibes in order to steal their positive energy as a souvenir.

I find the excitement in almost everything. I’m totally in to keep the pure excitement to meet new people, visit new places, start more adventures and create new memories. Once, I was in the middle of a future crisis (Adulting is a super hard man!) The fact is, I’m super curious about my life in general. I might even have the feeling that soon I’ll have to face the unknown, but the best thing about it is I don’t fear it. I’m excited about it instead! In general, in this period of my life, I’m all enjoying about to explore new ideas that I want to make a reality, learning new things, paving my way instead of staying on the safe side and getting out of my comfort zone. I’m not afraid of changes and usually excited to see what the future has in store for me. I’m always keeping a state of mind for as long as possible since I know it will bear great fruit for me and people around me. As I live in harmony with myself. I respect the natural energy of myself and I’m not putting certain limits for myself since I don’t feel any strong boundaries in life.

I just feel like I’ve got something important I want to share with this world. I go ahead, I don’t look back and I take risks since I believe it’ll be something super exciting. I love to look for something that inspires me to see the new color of the world as I’m opening my heart to new things and I’m opening my mind to different perspectives. The main concern is “A PURPOSE” in the finish line which I’ll create on my own. For me, the purpose is a very personal thing and I am getting there.

So who am I? I’m a Badass!