They’re Queuing At The Same Line While The One Who Created The Line Got Her Back

“a person who has a smooth path in career but not in romance”. That’s her. Her love story sucks. Well, she can’t deny it. Many guys in and out but no one stayed a bit longer than she could expect. Either she fell too hard but he didn’t feel the same or he fell too hard but she didn’t feel anything or they both fell hard but it didn’t work out. The worst thing is they both fell hard in the wrong time.

It was all started with this guy, wrong time but well spent. The dramatic part is by spending too much time together, grew something different between them. At the first time she met him, there was a warning sign “he got a girlfriend” so she never expected they would have such a different feeling. But they couldn’t even predict what would happen next.

As time as running he started to have a crush on her and so did she. They knew that it wasn’t right but they couldn’t deny it. It happened without control. He told her that his feeling for her was like his feeling for his girlfriend. Man! that was insane! That was sick! How could he has feeling to two people at the same time and he wanted to keep them both? That was so selfish. No clarity after all even when he left.

Once he left, she got back to her real life. She thought that he simply would forget her and turned out to be a stranger (re: somebody that she used to know). But she was wrong, they still kept in touch and that flames got more destructive. That was so crazy and illogical. He kept texting her, they had phone call everyday, even had video call regularly. They were definitely in love, forbidden long distance relationship. Until both of them realized that they needed to make things clear. So they decided to end the shit.

She cried cuz the feeling getting stronger. How could she has feeling someone that wasn’t single? No idea how. So they were being clear to stop their feeling and being good friends. So they didn’t talk that much afterwards. They just communicated once in a while when it was really necessary and it turned out to be really awkward.

She realized that she needed to move on so she started to do something else to forget that moment. Hanging out with some other folks didn’t stop her to think about him. Until she managed to do be busy doing some project and preparing her post-graduate program. She did pretty well.

Not long after that she moved to the capital city started a new journey. For the first two weeks she talked sometimes to him exchanging some news.  The more they talked the more she felt sad. Suddenly the memories of them spending good time together popped up. It really bothered her a lot. So she decided to cut the communication and stayed away from him. It was so hard to build a friendship with somebody that she ever had crush with. But then,  for the sake of his relationship with his girlfriend as well as for her study, she needed to be wise. 

During her recovery time, she tried to love and appreciate herself more than anything and opened her heart to a new person. As a person who always appreciates the process, she welcomed a new guy. This guy happened to be her co-worker at the organization she was involved. She always knew that he always paid attention to her during the program but he chose to stayed quite cuz he knew that she was still with the previous guy. Everything went well between them both. They had a perfect relationship for the first three months. Then, they started to have many little fights for 2 months continuously. Their relationship was ups and downs. Unfortunately after 6 months of relationship, they broke up.

“She didn’t see her future with him” so she decided to make the situation clearer. She broke him up.

Apparently, two weeks before the break up, she met a guy who was in love with her. She already made things clear that she was in relationship so the guy had no chance to get her. Her relationship was in the edge while she found a new comfort to express her tiredness of the unhealthy relationship she had. As couldn’t handle her relationship anymore, she broke her guy up and desperately looking for comfort. 

What was done was done so she opened a new page with this guy.

Long distance relationship has started. They planned both short and long term goals together. What a relationship goal. She was finally happy to have a healthy relationship that she really wanted the most. It sounded promising while he came up with those beautiful promises that she never heard from any guy before. She couldn’t deny that she fall too hard for him which made her became illogical to think properly whether that was a relationship she really wanted or not.

Everything was sweet at the beginning until one day he brought her a nightmare as he told her that there is no certainty in their relationship. It was so sudden. 

She thought that they had a great and serious relationship. She thought that he was the one. She thought she was the girl that he was looking for. Suddenly those beautiful plans they set up together were gone. He started to bring up his family’s issue which didn’t make any sense for her. Only  one month, he dumped her. She couldn’t even say anything. She was frozen.

Was it the end? Yes, it was. He opened the page and he closed it. Well done.

A day before the break up, she woke up remembering the first guy. It’s been a year. She decided to unblock his contact and texted him to say “hi”. He replied her. It surprised her. She thought that he didn’t want to talk to her anymore. But she was wrong. He replied her quite fast and polite. So she told him everything she meant to tell him. Surprisingly he told her that he just broke up with his girlfriend and the next day her boyfriend broke her up. So it was so sudden they got in touch once both of them were single.

It was weird. It was really weird. It was really unpredictable. She didn’t expect anything more than just saying “hi” to reconnect. One thing for sure, they missed each others. They couldn’t hide it. He confessed that it took him forever to forget her and to kill his feeling for her. It wasn’t that easy for him too. It wasn’t easy to deal with that situation when he didn’t want to hurt his girlfriend while he couldn’t deny his feeling for her. But still he couldn’t keep both because he needed to choose. So it was such a wise decision for her to stay away from him. But at the end they found each other back.

Everything went fast. They didn’t realize that It was more than time  they spent together. She could see the feeling was still there. But she didn’t know what he felt. did he feel the same? Was his feeling totally gone? She couldn’t expect more. She couldn’t demand something different. He told her that he still had deep feeling for her and he would like to have a serious relationship with her. 

They tried for the second time, They challenged themselves to ready to overcome miles of distance between them. Now she can see his genuine love for her that he kept for more than one year. Actually he could easily erase her from his mind but he didn’t do it.

If two people are meant to be together, eventually they’ll find their way back. If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. No matter how long it takes simply because what it’s meant to be will always find its way. After all we are getting back together.


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