Has Just Begun


She: Hi! I hope you still remember me. It has been more than half year we didn’t communicate? Many things happened for sure. Hope you’re doing fine. I just wanna say hi.

He: Hi! It has been almost 10/11 months. Yes many things! It may surprise BUT I remember you.

She: I’m home anyway. This morning I woke up and opened my window I saw the clear view of a volcano suddenly I remembered you. It was so random.

He: That’s a rather nice memories that came up. It’s such a pleasure to talk back with you.

She: Same here. I admitted that I miss you for no reason. By the way, Did you remember the calculation of trash selling that you wrote for my project? Once I got home I found it on my wall magazine.

He: Did I calculate something?

She: Yes, you did. I presented my project last year and it made me graduate from my leadership program. I forgot to say thank you. Now I will say it. Thank you for your help.

He: That’s such a great news. Congratulations! anyway, I saw some papers that we used to write together the day before yesterday. Even I watched our pictures few days ago.

She: Then you found the sign I will write you afterwards LOL.

He: It could be.

She: I still have one of my favorite picture with you.

He: Every single picture with you is my favorite. I do have like hundreds pictures of you and I in my laptop.

She: You’re surprising me by keeping those weird pictures. Two weeks ago I visited the waterfalls with my friends. The waterfall nearby the main road (I think you still remember this) and the other one that you swam in it. So I was like being silent for few seconds because I could see you swam there and I remembered clearly your pants was wet then it dried by itself. 

He: I do remember. Many memories are coming up.

She: I just remembered on the first month I moved to the capital city we still communicated right?

He: Nope. I don’t think so. Maybe just the first and second weeks. The beginning of October something like that.

She: Then I decided to a bit stay away. Well I wanna explain you about this. Maybe on that time I was so childish. I mean It wasn’t easy for me after what happened between us. It was so complicated. I just needed time to normalize everything if you know what I mean. You can imagine it took me for almost one year to get things back altogether.

He: It was a bit messy in my head as well to be honest and I completely understand your choice to stay away from me.

She: For me it was so messed up and all were exploded on my head. That’s why It was really hard for me.

He: I miss(ed) you so much to be really honest. Anyway breaking news, I broke up with my girlfriend like 3 weeks ago after one year with me. We were totally the opposite.

She: During that time (re: let’s say the recovery process), I dated a guy for the first time in my life then we broke up after 6 months together. But trust me, I’m not communicating with you because I broke up with him. Not at all.

He: I didn’t even think about it.

She: Nice. I just said. Anyway your previous relationship was kinda same with my past relationship. You knew me I’m too powerful and discipline.

He: You need a tough guy who can handle you.

She: When I was still in relationship, one day you texted me and I looked at our pictures together, my ex saw it so we had a big fight because he was so jealous.

He: My ex asked me to stop talking with you and I didn’t obey. But after your recovery period came, so no problem.

She: I felt so bad for your ex actually. That’s why I chose to stay away. I didn’t want to hurt her but it was so hard to forget things easily. Like I said before it took me like almost one year.

He: It is.

She: Now my half girl is turning out to be a woman which is half childish half mature.

He: Not too bad indeed.

She: I hope my previous decision was wise to overcome everything.

He: Night confessions.

She: Yeah LOL. Like we used to do all the time. Remember?

He: Yeah I remember. Even if I tried to forget you it was really hard. It even became harder when you cut our conversation off and I was still thinking a bit about you. But since we’re talking back, I just need to handle my behavior.

She: Anyway one more thing, Despite of those dark stupid unstable moments in the past, I just want you to know that I never hated you. You were really important for me since you were part of my decision to continue my master degree. I still remember you helped me to decide and you always motivated me to believe in myself that I can do things. So for all of that it’s impossible for me to just run away without remembering what you did for me. That’s not my philosophy. I fully appreciated it. I thank you so much.

He: You’re most welcome.

She: And yes, I cut everything off to make it easy handling my feeling. I was so frustrating at that time. That was totally not easy.

He: Agree.

She: Even I still set Paris time. Sometimes when I miss you I just look at that.

He: Did you really remember the jet lag between Jakarta and Paris?

She: Of course I did. I forget things easily but I just can’t forget yours. It’s so weird. I remember when we were on the beach, some kids were teasing us because we were holding hands while walking. We just didn’t care about them. Especially when people kept starring at us when we sat under the coconut tree on the beach and hugging and we just didn’t care.

He: Everything we’ve done together. Every morning “Nicolas! it’s almost 11 AM!!!! (re: watch said 9:45 AM)

She: I came to your room to wake you up by kicking your ass.

He: I think we enjoyed so much the time we shared.

She: Yes. Especially the volcano thing.

He: Oh God the volcano. One of the best thing I’ve ever achieved in my entire life.

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