The Best Conference I Have Ever Organized – Model United Nations

When I was a freshman at university, I met Model United Nations and fell in love at first sight. Since that, I just couldn’t get enough to always get involve in a bunch of Model United Nations conferences for such a long run. No matter how many conferences I participated along the way, I never get bored. It is just so cool to meet many different personalities through intellectual conferences. I’m quite lucky since Model United Nations has been an important part of my academic years during university.

Recently I organized Makassar Model United Nations Conference which was the biggest Model United Nations Conference ever in Eastern Indonesia. This event took place in Ibis Hotel Makassar City on 5-7 March 2016.

What made it great?

For the last few years, Model United Nations was less-known in Eastern Indonesia. Model United Nations was only popular in Java or Western Indonesia. Universitas Hasanuddin Model United Nations Community felt that it is their responsibility to enhance and socialize the spirit of diplomacy in Makassar or even for the wider scope; Eastern Indonesia through simulating Model United Nations Conference. Therefore, In 2010 Makassar Model United Nations for the first time was held by Universitas Hasanuddin Model United Nations  Community. Since its very first session in 2010, Makassar Model United Nations has spread the spirit of diplomacy among varsities and high school students in Indonesia, especially in Eastern Indonesia.

Year by year, Makassar Model United Nations (also known as MaksMUN) evolves to be one of the most prestigious Model United Nations Conference in Eastern Indonesia. This year’s session, Makassar Model United Nations gave a higher quality of the conference as well as finally could improve its scope from the Regional level into the National level. The Board of Dais were also those who have already a bunch of experiences in Model United Nations career, whether as Delegate or as Chair.

What made it different?

Generally, there were three main improvements in Makassar Model United Nations which was different from the previous session. Provided adequate hospitality for the delegates is one of our priorities. Hence, We decided to move the conference venue from the Campus of Hasanuddin University to Ibis Hotel Makassar City. The location of the venue which was near the most famous landmark of Makassar, Pantai Losari was also our main reason. As a higher level of MUN Conference, it was also expected various and qualified delegates from all over Indonesia. This year, we had delegates up to 10 different universities and for the very first time in Indonesia, Makassar Model United Nations proudly simulating Council of Westeros. It was adopted from the very famous serial TV named, “Game of Thrones”. It was categorized as Crisis Committee where there were tons of unexpected twists of the plot which challenging and mind-provoking topics.

I have worked on the secretariat for this event and taken a bigger role in both Secretary-General as a commander as well as serving as Director in ASEAN Regional Forum Committee. I have worked with awesome staff in a very short timing of preparation in secretariat plus contributed to make the RoP as well as Study Guide after been assigned a role of Director in the ASEAN Regional Forum Committee. I tried to maximize my ability to organize this event along with my staff and my co-Directors in order to create such an unforgettable conference. We made it! These past few days have been amazing to all of us especially for me because we made such a very successful Model United Nations Conference.

Based on several experiences during my academic years in organizing Model United Nations Conferences, I have learned a lot of things on how to manage the different characters. The most important thing is a teamwork during the event. It taught me how to build a strong character to work in a team. Most of the time I got to spend organizing events has gave me such an impact to improve myself since I have been around for quite some times. Whether as a delegate, a committee or part of the director team.

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