Pulau Pari : The Real Beauty of Thousand Islands You Shouldn’t Miss Out

Yoooooooooo people! Jakarta is not always about pollution and traffic jams! Come on! Wake up! You missed something as did I. It took me almost 2 years to realize that there is a crystal clear water and shiny white sands around Jakarta. Dude, I am telling you. This is real. It’s not fake. So in the North of Jakarta, surprisingly there are hundreds of islands but then only 36 islands for the recreation in the regency of Pulau Seribu as well-known as The Thousand Islands Regency. So, North Jakarta is actually where the main harbor for the seafood of Jakarta is located. Plus, the gateway of Thousand Islands. Long-time ago, under the Dutch colony, these islands were developed as a naval base. But then, 200 years after the function has been declined after the port in Tanjung Priok was built which has a big capacity. There are some conservation areas as well due to the corals underwater.

To reach this place, last time I took Grab car to reach the Port of Kaliadem then I just went to the ticket station to cross the sea. I departed around 9 am in the morning as far as I remember. It took me there last than 2 hours and the boat was kinda big. Once I arrived on the island, I just headed straight away to the beach, Pantai Pasir Putih Perawan. Man! This beach is incredibly stunning (like me).  I set up my tent on the beach. I just needed to pay only 25k rupiahs. The sands are freaky white and the water is blue. The breeze? Damn fresh! I was in Pulau Pari for like one week with my tent and do not worry about the food, there are small warungs just on the beach. The seafood is super good! Fresh from the water! The coconut water is just perfect to accompany your day.

What to do in Pulau Pari?

  1. Swimming all the time. This is my favorite thing to do. As I really love water so I couldn’t stop swimming and always be in the water.
  2. Sunbathing. Perfect! walking around the coastline with nobody around you or just lay down in front of the tent while reading a book.
  3. Snorkeling and Kayaking in the mangroves plantation. Snorkeling was only 30k rupiahs. But then you need to rent the boat to move around. Even though a bit expensive, but it’s worth it!
  4. Enjoy your sunrise and sunset!!

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Please be mindful of your belongings if you really want to put your tent on the beach. I suggest you to camp with your friend so somebody can watch the stuff in the tent.

You can thank me later 😀

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