If he thought she was born yesterday he got her wrong.

No one would ever love him as much as she did.

Just she knew that no one would ever love her as he did.

She hoped he knew that.

Who ever thought that things got wrong. Who ever expected things went differently. Who ever guessed things ended up pathetically. She thought she got the one, she thought she reached the final destination, she thought it could be last forever, she even thought it could be long-lasting. What happened? She was tired. She was super tired. Finally, hella show! Showtime of such an attitude. They did both. She was dead inside while he deadly did not even care. So she got the reason to knock him down. He crossed the line as he failed to explain the rhetorical reasons of all the bullshits he played. His ruthlessly cruelty would not freak her out as she’s fearless to take the risk. A powerful queen and the daughter of the gun. She wasn’t sure which one who made things worse when the best shit made things better. She was stuck in the same loop again and over again. She came to the conclusion that every relationship is special and unique, she didn’t fear it, she embraced it instead. Now she has to say goodbye diplomatically. Not sure if it was diplomatic enough to be diplomatic.

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