From Halang to Sabang

Have you ever imagined to experience such a super cool unpredictable trip? 

My dad taught me to take every single gold opportunity to travel every where in the world. Be brave and fearless while my mom taught me to never give up to make things happen. Both of my parents always support me to do everything I desire as long as I am happy about it. Both of them made me understand that life is beautiful and they always remind me to express my gratitude for every single trip I take. They’re just super inspiring to give such limitless support for every step I create.

August 2015, I was happened to be in the border crossing between Indonesia and Malaysia (re Malaka). I somehow led an international program for local community through social project. The area is well-known as Pulau Halang. 


Right after the program, I took a road trip to Pulau Weh a.k.a Weh Island which is known as the most beautiful small island in Northern Indonesia where 0 Kilometer of Indonesia begins. Since I traveled by car (no airplane), then I needed to stop in Sabang to cross the sea with ferry. Then yeah, I stepped on the 0 KM of Indonesia! 

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My adventure wasn’t finished there. I continued my trip to the Tsunami Museum in Banda Aceh (re To remember the tsunami Aceh back then in 2004). The Tsunami Museum of Banda Aceh is so legit. I could feel the vibe of being part of that disaster. The ornament and the architect are just way too awesome and impressive.



The last trip was to visit  Lake Toba in Medan, North Sumatra Province. The view is not only 100% plain lake but I got three amazing view at the same time. Mountain, lake, and beach is one perfect moment. But the most gorgeous frame was standing on the top of the hill to see the view of the lake and the small island in the center known as Samosir Island plus surrounded by mountain view. What a perfect landscape.

Overall, Traveling is just a bonus

Work hard play harder.


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