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Do you think climbing is only for boys?




Why so?

I still remember when I was in college some of the guys in my class talked about hiking, trekking and climbing volcano. They tried so hard to show off their skill in climbing the mountain while I was listening them carefully and interrupted them by saying “I love climbing the mountain as well”. Guess what? they laughed loudly. I was confused while thinking so hard in which part of my statement was funny. They kept laughing at me. One of those guys shouted “are you kidding me?” and he kept laughing. Well, I said, “what do you mean?”. Those guys didn’t answer and left me without answers.

Another story,

When I was in senior high school, I joined boy-scout every Saturday after class because I  wanted to learn how to survive in the wild. For the first time, I joined this community, I started to expect more about outdoor activities such as exploring the forest, trekking hills or even climbing the mountain. But mostly it was just about theories and for the practicalities, the teachers were just too focus on boys instead of girls because they thought that wild nature just for boys. It was unfair of course. I wanted to do the same. I wanted to explore wild nature just like boys did. But still, it wasn’t easy to convince the teachers. They always thought that my physics wasn’t strong enough. Come on! Sport is really good for our health, isn’t it? YES FOR SURE. We know that sport is for everybody not only men. As same as exploring nature. They had no strong reason to prohibit me to explore wild nature.

Once I proposed myself to join a camping team in the mountain, all guys rejected me. They underestimated me by saying “you’re not gonna make it because you’re a girl”. What? what’s the problem being a girl? and what’s the connection between me being a girl with my ability to do such things? there’s no connection at all. But still, they were not so sure about my ability to give a try. They prohibited me to join the team. But I forced them to allow me to join them. Finally they accepted me under one condition which is they didn’t want to take any responsibility if something happen to me since they warned me at the beginning. Well, I agreed with that. During trekking and climbing, even we camped on the top, I didn’t complain because I was fine. I knew my limit and I was sure I could do it. Those guys didn’t say anything once I reached the top easily while some guys got sick during the camp. They felt ashamed. Yes, you should. Shame on you twice. Don’t judge a book by its cover dude.

By the way,

Since that, I was kinda addicted to do many trekking as many as possible. Exploring various mountains, especially volcano. Every time I climbed alone and met other climbers on the way up (re mostly guys), they were impressed by knowing that I climbed a lot and always carried heavy bag with no guide. Especially when I climbed the Mount Kerinci (re Sungai Penuh, Jambi – Indonesia) which is the highest volcano in Sumatera and the top 10 highest peaks in Indonesia. Nobody believed that I carried heavy bag by myself and just spent 8 hours till I made it to the top while most of people need more than 10 hours. I’m a girl. So what?

It was such an unforgettable moment ever in my life once I reached the top I put Indonesian flag there. It seemed like the rough tracks never existed. Why do I climb? Simply because the sunrise is always waiting and the sunset is always surprising. I can’t tell which one is my favorite. Every time I climb, the sunrise and the sunset always pop up on my mind.

So at the end, when I ask myself again. Why do I climb? My heart answers “it’s a faith” 

Mount Kerinci, Sungai Penuh, Jambi.

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